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It has been a while but hey! I am back.
Thanks to December and a great trip to the Maasai Mara.

angamaIt all started with a surprise visit to the Maasai Mara. My destination? Angama Mara. The spectacular aerial view from the Air Kenya flight was a promise of fun in the wild. We landed around 4.30pm and were ushered into a waiting tour van to take us to Angama.

At the reception, the view of the Mara escarpment was breathtaking! The panoramic view of green vegetation before it gives way to golden green plains took my breath away. View full article »


The world’s focus is on Kenya as US President Barack Obama visits for the Global Entrepreneurship Summit.

If you are coming to Kenya for the Summit and want to squeeze in some adventure on your free time, here are five places you should visit in Nairobi:

Nairobi National Park
Nairobi boasts of a National Park just a few kilometres from the city.

Rhinos at Nairobi National Park. Picture: KWS

Rhinos at Nairobi National Park. Picture: KWS

The park is home to a variety of wildlife that include the lions, black rhino, giraffes, leopards, buffaloes and hyenas. Visitors pay a park entry fee of $50.

Nairobi Animal Orphanage
Located in Nairobi National Park, visitors get to see cheetahs, lions, baboons, buffaloes and many other mammals.

Giraffe Centre

The giraffe Centre is located in Langata, also a few minutes’ drive from Nairobi’s Central Business District.

Here, one gets to feed the world’s  tallest mammals while standing on a raised platform.

Maasai Market

Please don’t leave Kenya before getting a souvenir or two from the Maasai Market.
At the market you can buy beautifully embroidered sandals, necklaces, bracelets, and assorted curios.

Though the vendors’ location keep shifting. On Friday, they will be located at the Village Market along Limuru Road, on Saturday they will be at the High Court parking lot within the Central Business District and on Sunday, they will be at Yaya Center in Hurlingham.

Entertainment spots
Nairobi City offers a variety of night clubs to visit. The entertainment spots in the City Centre, Westlands and Hurlingham areas will not disappoint.

I am not a poet but wanted to pay tribute to Sudan, the last male Northern white rhino, after reading that he is under 24 hour guard at Ol pejeta Conservancy.

I hope scientists find a way to save this species from extinction, #lastmalestanding.

Wardens watching Sudan, the world's last male Northern white rhino. Picture: Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Wardens watching Sudan, the world’s last male Northern white rhino. Picture: Ol Pejeta Conservancy

Here we go:

It’s only me, myself and I. I walk these plains alone.. Soon, the end. Is there hope?
My kind are all gone, wiped from earth’s rugged face …Soon to follow dinosaurs there hope?
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Tired of having to queue to check-in? Kenya Airways have a solution for that, just check-in using your internet enabled mobile phone.

After checking in, you will receive a boarding pass as an SMS to allow for mobile boarding.

Kenya Airways launches Mobile Check-In service. Photo/Courtesy Kenya Airways

Kenya Airways launches Mobile Check-In service. Photo/Courtesy Kenya Airways


The mobile boarding pass can then be presented at the departure gate to board the flight, offering a faster and more convenient way to check in and board.

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There is an interesting hi-tech blanket being tested by a British Airways.

They call it the ‘happiness blanket’, why? It changes colour when a passenger is asleep.

Happiness blanket being used by British Airways at Heathrow, London on June 26, 2014. (Picture: Nick Morrish/British Airways)

Happiness blanket being used by British Airways


Well, the airline hopes to make flying and sleeping on their flights even more relaxing.

This is how the ‘happiness blanket’ works: View full article »

This is one thing that wildlife lovers and anti poaching advocates would not want to miss!

Cases of poaching of rhinos and elephants are on the rise in Kenya. To curb the menace, Ol Pejeta Conservancy will on August 1, 2014 hold an online auction on eBay.

Donated by Gary Hodges

Donated by Gary Hodges

International artists, sculptors and wildlife photographers have donated their original artwork to be sold in the auction.

Click here for more information about the auction.

Here are some of the artwork that will be on sale:

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Kenya Airways will commence daily flights to Bangkok, Thailand and Guangzhou in China from April 1.

Currently KQ flies four times a week to the two destinations.

Kenya Airways plane

Kenya Airways plane

China is a key emerging market globally and has been scouting for economic opportunities in Africa and the daily flights will facilitate movement of traders and their goods between these regions.

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Not just in your own bed but when you are in a new town, city or country?

I mostly have trouble sleeping when am not sleeping in my own bed. I toss and turn, stare in the darkness or check my Facebook or Twitter..sometimes for more than an hour before I doze off.

Woman sleeping

Woman sleeping

Sometimes this can be frustrating because maybe you need to wake up early for business or other activities that require you to be well rested. View full article »

I eat out occasionally, okey may be a lot but I can tell you this, Sarova Panafric’s Rump Porterhouse steak is  the most delicious, juicy, tender piece of meat I have eaten in a while.

Succulent, mouth watering steaks served with crispy golden fries and with salad garnish [Photo:Courtesy]

Succulent, mouth watering steaks served with crispy golden fries and with salad garnish [Photo:Courtesy]

I was tempted to try the Steak Fridays after reading it the Sarova Facebook page and I was not disappointed.

I arrived at the Sarova Panafric Flame Tree restaurant around 7am and was welcomed by the hostess who showed me to an unoccupied table. It was the first week of December and Panafric had done an amazing job in setting the mood for Christmas with decorations and lighting. View full article »

The story of Lord Maurice Egerton of Tatton is intriguing.

Having spent most of his adult life and eventually passed away in Kenya, he left a legacy of a man who disliked women, after his fiancé allegedly refused to live in a castle he built for her in Ngata area- a few kilometres from Nakuru town.

He died a bachelor bringing an end to the Egerton dynasty.

Lord Maurice Egerton

The Lord Egerton Castle’s caretaker Robert Onyiego says he worked at the castle as a cook and affirms that indeed Lord Egerton did not like women and banned them from the castle.

He says they even asked their wives to lock themselves in their houses when the Lord was visiting their farms.

But after posting the story of how the castle, whose owner died lonely and single, is now being used as a wedding ground, where eternal love vows are exchanged, I got interesting comments. View full article »

Nakuru’s Maasai Market

Its tourism peak season, that time of the year when I look outside my office window and I see dozens of tourists bargain with curio owners as they purchase souvenirs, carvings and jewelery.

Tourists buying curios in Nakuru

At this time of the year, tens of trucks and vans ferrying tourists either to or from Lake Nakuru National Park, Lake Bogoria or Lake Baringo stop at this section of Nakuru town for the visitors to buy wares. View full article »

The world is always fascinated by the Kenyan landscape and millions of tourists pay dearly to visit here.

For those who cannot afford the trip here, movie makers have taken the trouble to bring the Kenyan experience to their living room.

Some of the Peking Express crew at Midlands Hotel in Nakuru

Kenya has featured in famous movies such as The Tomb Raider II, Out of Africa, and White Maasai. And the country will soon feature in a popular Reality TV show aired in France, Peking Express.

Besides featuring tourist destinations such as national parks and mountains, Kenya’s rich culture will also be showcased. View full article »

Going through my pictures recently I came across some that I took while on a visit to Prague, Czech Republic.

I smiled as I remembered that trip, my first out of Berlin with friends from Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Vietnam.

Early that Saturday morning we boarded a train to the bus stop to begin our six-hour journey to Prague.

The road led us outside Berlin to the beautiful countryside occasionally passing farm towns.

A view of Prague City

The border of Prague and Germany is not manned but occasionally, immigration police officer stop buses to check whether travelers have proper travel documents. View full article »

Jets of hot water shooting over a meter from the ground has for a long time been a major attraction for both local and international tourists at Lake Bogoria.

The awesome phenomenon of more than 16 hot water springs boiling from the ground and slowly flowing into the lake is a wonder to behold.

But in one of my visits to the lake in October 2010, the beauty of hot the hot springs and geysers had been submerged.

There were main four geysers and hot springs that were an attraction but the lake’s water levels had risen covering them.

One of the geyser that was submerged

A picture of a geyser before it was submerged following heavy rains in October 2010

From the shoreline, one could see what were initially warning sign boards partially submerged.

Near the signboard there is a geyser whose boiling water was cooled by the lake waters cools such that flamingos swam close by. View full article »

Saving Rothschild Giraffes

Their long, patterned necks tower above the thorny acacia at Lake Nakuru National Park, as tourists click away, preserving memories of the world’s tallest animal.

Rothschild Giraffe Photo-Courtesy

With its yellow-gold and brown spots, the Rothschild giraffe is one of the major attractions at the park.
Indeed, it is a rare animal, with only 670 of the species left in the world. So it’s with a measure of relief that conservationists have received news that the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has declared the Rothschild giraffe an endangered species. View full article »

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